How do I share a theme?

Sharing themes within your organization, a group, or with a specific user is a great way to save time, and from the Theme dashboard, it's a snap!

To share a theme:

1. Head to your Themes Dashboard, located in the lefthand toolbar when you log in to Splash

2. Find the theme you'd like to share and hover over it (note that you must be the owner of a theme in order to share it)

3. Click the gear icon labeled Theme Options

4. Select Share Theme

5. Select the option that best suits your needs: sharing with a single account, a group within your organization, or the entire organization as a whole. From there, enter the corresponding info

6. Click the Share Theme button



You also have the option to share a theme while in editing mode, within the Theme Page touchpoint:

1. Via the layout tree on the righthand side of the Splash page, click the Theme tab

2. Click the gear icon to edit

3. Navigate to the Sharing section

4. Enter in the email address for the account you'd like to share the theme with



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