How do I use the Splash Host app to filter by lists, tags, or status?

When you're managing lists containing pertinent attendee information — company, title, lead owner, etc. — filtering is of the utmost importance.

This is the case both in Splash's online Guest List and the list as it appears in our mobile check-in app.

Key Concept: Any event-level lists, tags, or statuses that you can filter by in your guest list can be used during check-in.

The (2) screenshots below are examples of how you to use statuses, lists, and tags online to filter your guest list. 



Here's how to access filters in the Splash Host app:

1. After you've accessed your event list, simply tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right to access your Guest List Settings.

The default filter is Attending + Checked In, allowing you to see everyone who's submitted an RSVP and then everyone you marked as having shown up. If you just set the filter to show Attending guests then you wouldn't see them in the list after checking them in.



2. Next, you can apply filters, such as Status, List, or a combination of the two.

Example: If you want to see everyone you invited regardless of if they RSVP'd or not, you can simply tap the Invited filter.

Note: If you want to just show everyone on a specific list (e.g. Sponsors, Press) or who you've given a certain tag (e.g. Important, Seating Arrangement), simply select them under Lists — both are available to you.

3. Hit Done to apply your filter choices to the check-in list. (Tip: Hitting the All Guests option is a handy way of clearing your applied filters.)



Pro tip: Within the app's Guest List Settings you can go to the Guest Display section to access Secondary Labels. The labels (i.e. company, tag, title, etc.) you select will show up under each guest's name in the guest list. Learn more here.



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