How do I edit my event's calendar attachment description?

There are multiple places in the Splash experience where guests can add your events to their calendar: the on-page confirmation message, RSVP and Ticket Confirmation messages, and any email the event host chooses to attach a calendar invite.

For calendar services that allow for editable descriptions, such as Google Calendar, you can create a custom calendar description.

To edit an event's calendar description:

1. Go to the Settings tab, accessed through the event page toolbar on the left side of the screen.

2. Next, enter the Site Metadata tab where you'll find the Calendar Attachment Description input.

3. Input your desired event calendar description. As a best practice, we recommend keeping it to fewer than 500 characters.

4. Save your changes and behold--the custom description!


Functionality Notes:

  • Not all calendar services allow for custom calendar descriptions (i.e. Microsoft Outlook). These services will produce a generic description, i.e. "For more information, visit"
  • Calendar invites do not update retroactively. In other words, if guests add your event to their calendars before you had the chance to customize the description, the description on their calendars will not update after you've had a chance to customize it.
  • With Apple's calendar, iCal, the event URL will automatically pull into the event description. At this time, there is no way to remove this from the description. 
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