12/12/16 - Editable Calendar Descriptions

Arguably, the event marketer's most valuable piece of real estate is space on its audience's calendar.

Our latest update allows you to cultivate calendar descriptions with the same flair you would an event page's "About" section or an invitation's subject line.

For calendar services that allow for editable descriptions, such as Google Calendar, you can create a custom calendar description


The result is a custom calendar description, which can contain as little or as much detail as you require. For a best practice, we suggest limiting the description to 500 characters or fewer.

Note: Splash allows you to include Add to Calendar prompts in your on-page confirmation message, automated RSVP and ticket confirmation emails, and any emails (e.g. Save the Date, Invitation) that you send to your invitees.


If your event is on a guest's personal agenda, the likelihood of that person attending rises dramatically.

While this new feature won't increase the likelihood of guests adding an event to their calendars, it does make this extremely interaction more fun and informative — and will hopefully encourage you to include calendars in every event touchpoint.



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