How do I import guests as VIPs?

A crucial part of list management — especially for on-site check-in — is being able to identify which attendees are VIPs.

If you know who your VIPs are at the time of uploading your guest list, you're actually able to mark them as such in your spreadsheet, allowing you to apply your VIP stars in bulk.

The good news?
This is a really simple process:

1. Prepare your guest list import sheet with standard columns (first name, last name, email, etc.) and be sure to include one column for VIP. 

2. Fill the row within the VIP column with a simple "Yes" — leave the row blank for non-VIPs.

3. Now that you have you've prepped your list, jump into your Guest List tab and select Add Guests.

4. Click the upload Upload CSV option then make sure all of your columns are mapped correctly.

5. After you've selected a Guest Status for your import, simply Save, Exit & refresh.


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