How do I design my RSVP button to look different when RSVPs are Open, Closed, or on Waitlist?

Splash provides automation tools that allow you to schedule when your event's RSVPs are open, closed or when the waitlist is activated.

These event "states" — Open, Closed, and Waitlist — affect how your page's main button will behave, so we allow you to customize the button style for each of these states.

Heads up! The waitlist or closed styling options are not available for pages with in-line forms.

To customize a button state's style:

1. Within the Event Page Editor, locate the Button element in the Layout tab.

2. Click on the Style dropdown to choose the RSVP button state you'd like to style.

3. Use the design tools within the Layout tab to change the styles, such as color, font, border, hover state etc. You can even change the button text by typing directly on the button.


Pro Tip: Let's just say you created the perfect event page, replete with an awesome design, great RSVP questions, emails and, of course, three brilliant button states. By saving your page as a theme, your page becomes a template that you and your team members can use again and again. Take a look at our article on saving a Splash page as a theme!


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