How can I edit the format of my date element?

A cornerstone of your event is the date and time. Having the flexibility to modify the style of your date allows you the unique opportunity to display this key information in your brand's voice. Luckily, we make this a fairly simple process. 

Here's how it's done:

1. Switch into Designer Pro editing mode. Check out: How do I toggle on Designer Pro mode, Splash’s most advanced editing tool?
2. Hover over the date element and select the calendar icon that appears.
3. Use the dropdown menus to edit the format of the date and time.



To add more elements, click the plus sign to incorporate more elements in the date and time. 



To rearrange elements, just drag and drop.



To delete elements, drag to the bottom of the modal and drop them in the trash can.



Just like other text elements, use the Layout tab for style changes like font style and background color. 



Check out more on these elements in our on-demand training: Date and Venue Elements


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