How do I auto play music on my event page?

Want to get your guests pumped for your event before it even starts? Splash offers a tool that allows you to do just that.

You have the power to add audio blocks to play music on your event page. This allows you share your favorite song - and provides an autoplay option if you want to get the party started the second your guests land on your page!

To add an audio block to your event page:

1. On the page or in the Layout tab, click the square purple "+" button.

2. Select the Audio Block category, and add your favorite Audio Block to the event page.

3. Once the block has been added, hover over the block and click the Audio button that appears.

4. Click the Back to Search button to change the default song.

5. Enter a song title or artist to search for your favorite song. 

6. Select the Autoplay option and Save.

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