How do I send emails from my own domain?

We're not offended if your domain doesn't want to be seen with Splash at the bar. We get it. You want your event email to come from your company email domain. We offer email domain white labeling at an additional cost to your Enterprise license. First, start with reaching out to Splash Support who can get the process started. 

Step 1: Reach out to Splash Support with the following information:
  • The intended FROM email address you want to use, e.g. 
    • This address can be dynamic like to pull in your event details
    • Or it can be static like
  • An unused and unique subdomain that is purely for hosting purposes. Unused means that no website currently exists at this subdomain address. 
    • If you want to send from, we'll need an unused subdomain like
    • If you decide that your emails should come from a subdomain like instead of, we will choose the hosting subdomain at random, e.g.
  • Determine if your IT team will handle auto-forwarding direct replies to emails sent from Splash or if you would like Splash to manage (i.e. re-routing to the event owner for the event). 
    • If you'd like Splash to handle, we only auto-forward for email addresses using subdomain that aren't currently being used as websites, e.g.
Step 2: Splash then generates DNS Records that you will need to create within your domain. If Splash is handling auto-forwarding, we will generate additional DNS records that also need to be created.
Step 3. You create DNS records based on the information Splash provides.
Step 4. Splash finalizes set-up!


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