How do I get an SSL certificate installed for my vanity domain?

Every event page comes with a unique Splash page URL, but it's a very common practice to use a Vanity URL to connect your page to a custom, white labeled URL that you own. 

In other words, instead of your Splash page living on a URL such as, it would instead reside on a URL like or

Splash page URLs are all secure - meaning they start with https:// - and ensure an encrypted connection between server and browser, protecting your attendees and their data.

While it's easy to connect your page to a custom domain, that https:// doesn't transfer over automatically.

Many companies have more rigorous security requirements, which requires the installation of an SSL certificate, enabling their URLs to open with https:// prepended.

For our Enterprise accounts, Splash offers an additional service to generate a CSR - the first step in this process. Reach out to our team to hook it up - and for more info + pricing.

 Here's how that process works:

  1. Splash generates a CSR (certificate signing request) that has your company's information in it:
    • Country Name
    • State or Province Name
    • Locality Name (City)
    • Organization Name (Company)
    • Organizational Unit Name (Section) - This is optional
    • Email - This is optional
  2. Splash sends the CSR back to you.

  3. Next, take the CSR, generate/purchase a certificate for it, and send it back to Splash.

  4. Splash installs the certificate on its server.

  5. Finally, add a record to your domain's DNS Settings that points it to our Vanity Server.
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