How do I get an SSL certificate installed for my vanity domain?

Every event page comes with a unique Splash page URL, but it's a very common practice to use what's called a vanity domain, meaning a custom, white labeled URL. 

In other words, instead of your Splash page living on a URL such as, it would instead reside on a URL like

Using your vanity domain is an extremely simple setup in Splash, but some of our clients have more rigorous security requirements, which require the installation of an SSL certificate, enabling their URLs to open with https pre-pended.

 Here's how that process works:

  1. Splash generates a CSR (certificate signing request) that has your company's information in it:
    • Country Name
    • State or Province Name
    • Locality Name (City)
    • Organization Name (Company)
    • Organizational Unit Name (Section) - This is optional
    • Email - This is optional
  2. Splash sends the CSR back to you.

  3. Next, take the CSR, generate/purchase a certificate for it, and send it back to Splash.

  4. Splash installs the certificate on its server.

  5. Finally, add a record to your domain's DNS Settings that points it to our Vanity Server.
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