How do I create an event page in a foreign language?

While our main interface is in English, the Splash event page design, RSVP form, and emails can be customized in another language.

With an Enterprise license with Splash for Business, you have the capability to fully translate an event or theme to a language other than English with the help of our Professional Services team.

We recommend setting up a theme for each language you'll be creating events in. This way, it's a one-time setup with only minor, DIY modifications needed.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to scope your needs and devise a strategy for your team. We'll ensure your global events are set up for success! 

Page Design

When designing your event page, you can include text in different languages in any text element. Our dynamic venue and date elements will most likely need to be replaced with static text elements.

If you have access to Designer Pro editing mode, you can reformat the venue and date elements - or add a text element in its place from the element library. If you're using the basic version of Splash, we recommend hiding these elements and adding a new block from our library to showcase this information in text.

Pro Tip: If you're drafting a page in a right-to-left language, you can copy and paste text right into Splash text fields. In some browsers, you change this by right-clicking the text and choosing "Right to left" within the "Writing Direction" area. 

Some symbols, such as parenthesis (), will be read the same as numbers and letters instead of as a symbol, which can cause the text to revert back and display left to right. You can avoid this by utilizing slashes, /\, instead!

Note: The search button on Events Hub currently is not DIY editable. If you provide the copy, we'll be happy implement the change for you as a part of your Enterprise license. Feel free to reach out to our team!


All order form questions you add to the RSVP form can be written in a foreign language. The RSVP Form headline can also be edited by following the instructions here.

On-page Confirmation & Confirmation Email

The body of both our on-page confirmation and default confirmation email is editable and supports multiple languages.

However, the header of the on-page confirmation which reads "RSVP Submitted" can be adjusted by our team to the copy of your choosing. 

To update the entire template of your confirmation email in a foreign language, we recommend creating a custom email template that Splash can replace as your confirmation email. Check out how here: What are custom templates? How do I create one? 

Once a template is created send over the name of the template and event URL, and we'll set it as the custom confirmation for you.

Contact the Organizer Form

Updating the fields in the contact the organizer form to another language must be completed by the Support team.

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