How do I save a Splash event page as a theme?

You've designed an event page that's perfect. Now it's time to save that event page as a theme so you can create event pages with this same design again and again. Make it easy for your team members to create pages by creating themes for each type of event you throw. 

To create a Theme in Splash, you can either build one from scratch right from the Themes Dashboard - or use one of your event pages as a starting foundation. 

Pro tip: All RSVP order form questions and custom email templates you create for the theme will automatically appear on all event pages created from it. Plus, any updates you make to the email templates will instantly update on pages with this theme. 

Creating a theme is one of the easiest ways to cut down the time it takes for your team to create events in Splash, providing an on-brand and guided experience. 

Very important Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to duplicate your page you want to save as a theme! That way, if you make changes to the theme template, it won't alter the original live event page you created the theme from.

Check out how to save a page as a theme below:

1. Toggle into Designer Pro editing mode, available with Splash for Business.

2. Head to the Design tab in your right-side toolbar.

3. Hover over the gear icon and click Edit. 

4. Create a name, description, and category for your theme - and save!

Next time you create an event from your Events Dashboard, you'll see this custom theme as an option in your theme library. 


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