Can I sell tickets at the door?

As long as the ticket sales on your Splash page are still open, guests can purchase tickets with a mobile device wherever they are - at the door or in an Uber on the way. To ensure your tickets stay open, you can set this option in the Tickets tab of your page.

If you'd like to collect payment through another method at the door (i.e. cash), you can also register new guests through the Splash Host app as confirmed attendees to ensure everyone's accounted for. If you'd like to send them a confirmation email after registering, check out how to flip this setting on.

Important: If you'll be processing ticket sales via your Splash page on a specific set of mobile devices on-site, the attempted purchases could be declined. Our security team has parameters in place to help mutually protect your guests, ticket sales, and Splash against fraud, which means suspicious buying behavior gets blocked. Instead, we recommend that your guests use their own mobile devices to purchase tickets.

If your event setup requires facilitating purchases through one or a few mobile devices, submit a request to our support team and we'll help prepare a plan prevent declined purchases.

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