When I share my event on LinkedIn, the image is wrong. What's going on?

Cropped Image

If your image is cropped in a funky way, it is most likely due to the display size LinkedIn uses, which varies across platforms. LinkedIn's recommended photo sharing size is 698 X 400 pixels. We recommend creating your own image (or taking a screenshot of the Event Card) to create a sharing-specific image.

To upload your own sharing image:

1. Head to the Event Settings tab.

2. Click into the Sharing Settings section.

3. In the Facebook section, click Upload Custom below the photo.

4. Upload you new image

5. Save in the top right.

Incorrect Image

If you've recently updated your LinkedIn image but it's not showing up yet, the old image could still be stored within LinkedIn's records.

Metadata information - like your event card - is stored the first time your event page is shared or tested on LinkedIn via the URL, and will be cached for a period of approximately 7 days.

This means that if you subsequently change your event card, fix a typo in the title, etc., you will not see the change represented during any subsequent attempts to share the page until the cache has expired. You can use the LinkedIn Post Inspector to clear that cache and get the image you want to appear!

So, what do I if those options don't work?

If you haven't already shared the event with guests, try using a tracking link to provide a new version of your URL. 

If you haven't already sent out invitations, changing the domain of your event page in your Settings tab will also refresh the data.

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