When I share my event on LinkedIn, the image is wrong. What's going on?

Metadata information - like your event card - is stored the first time your event page is shared or tested on LinkedIn via the URL, and will be cached for a period of approximately 7 days.

This means that if you subsequently change your event card, fix a typo in the title, etc., you will not see the change represented during any subsequent attempts to share the page until the cache has expired. 

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn't yet provide a tool to revisit the page to retrieve fresh content like Facebook. 

Check out how to update your event card and detail changes on Facebook here: When I share my event on Facebook, the image is wrong. How do I update this?

If you haven't already shared the event with guests, try changing the domain of your event page in your Settings tab. 

If you've already sent invitations via the link we don't recommend changing it to avoid confusion for guests. 

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