How do I check in my guests on-site?

With the Splash Host app, powerful check-in tools are delivered to your fingertips with just a few taps.

The Splash Host app is available for a free download in the App Store, and check out which mobile devices we support here

Quickly check in guests (even without Wi-Fi), scan and validate tickets, sync guest lists in real-time across multiple devices, view all past and upcoming events, share event cards with one tap, register walk-ins and +1s, snap and share photos to social, and much more.

Be sure to check out our full check-in guide, a fully illustrated walkthrough of everything from getting started to the app's most advanced features.

Quick note: While the Splash app does allow you to check in guests offline, an internet connection is required to log in to your account and load your guest list. We always recommend logging in to the app while you have internet connection. Learn more here.

1. Log in with the same email address you used to create your event site.

2. Locate your awesome event and tap on the card.

3. Swipe right to check in your guests - real time syncing and capacity metrics shown.

4. Tap the three dots on the right corner to filter your guest list by VIP, Waitlist, or All Guests.

5. Tape DONE to view your filtered lists.

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