How do I change the color of hyperlinks?

The color of hyperlinks within a block or element will always default to the block's main style unless you specifically set a hyperlink color.

To customize hyperlink link colors and other styles:

1. Click into the element or block where you want to change hyperlink color.

Pro tip
: You can change the color of all links on your page — rather than doing it block by block — by applying the changes to the Body, which is found in top of the Layout tab. You'll also need to create a Custom Selector to apply link color edits to the entire page.

2. Within the Layout Tab, click on the Whole Element dropdown.

3. There will already be an option that says "Just Links" (Recommended) or you can create your own.

If you need to create your own (ADVANCED):

1. Choose Add Custom Selector

2. Title the selector something like "Hyperlinks"

3. Under CSS Selector type "a"

4. Click Add.

4. In the Layout tab, you can now apply style changes that will only affect hyperlinks, such as color, font size, or text transformation. 

5. Once you're done, switch the selector dropdown back to Whole Element so you don't accidentally edit just links later on.




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