Glossary: What are some terms I should know for Splash's Guest List?

Here are some terms that'll come in handy as you're navigating Splash's guest list feature.

Contact: Someone who has been added to your Contacts Manager or is a guest of one of your events.

Guest: Contact who has been added, invited, RSVP’d, or checked into an event

Attendee: Confirmed guest who has RSVP’d yes or purchased a ticket to your event.

Status: A guest's attending status for your event; this could be awaiting reply, attending, not attending, waitlisted, checked in, or no status.

  • Awaiting Reply: The guest has been sent an email through the Splash Email Sender for this event but has yet to RSVP through the event page.
  • Attending: The guest has RSVP'd Yes through the RSVP form on the event page.
  • Not Attending: The guest has RSVP'd No through the RSVP form on the event page.
  • Waitlisted: The guest has RSVP'd Yes to be on the waitlist for this event.
  • Checked In: The guest has been checked in through the Splash Host app. 
  • Checked Out: The guest has been checked out through the Splash Host app. 
  • No Status: The guest has been added to the guest list for the event but has not been sent an email or RSVP'd to the event.

Filter: A way of narrowing your guest list to only show a certain group. You can filter by event status, email campaign, or by guest information.

Columns: Categories of information that appear in your guest list.


Pro tip: All attending guests who show up and are checked into the event will then have the status "Checked In." After your event, all guests who are still marked as Attending are those who RSVP'd Yes but did not come to the event.

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