How do I collect names and email addresses for guests of guests (+1s)?

For RSVP-only events, you can allow your guests to bring +1s, +2s, or even the whole squad.

You can set this up in the Form Builder. Once you configure the Bringing a Guest question and decide on how many additional guests your invitees can bring, it will add a new form section - repeated for each additional guest of the invitee. By default this includes the first name, last name, and email address.

In the Question menu on the right these will be nested under the Bringing a Guest question, where you can add or remove questions to customize the information collected about their +1s. To add a new question:

1. In the Form Builder, mouse over the Bringing a Guest question in the menu. 

2. Click on the gray + button that appears.

3. Click on Add Question in the menu that opens up. 

4. Choose or create the question you want to ask the +1s and click Add to Form. 

5. Customize any additional details you need, and click Save. 


It is good practice to typically make these questions required so you will know who is coming and how to contact them directly. 

Deleting a question is even easier:

1. Under the Bringing a Guest question, mouse over the question you want to remove.

2. Click on the trash bin icon.

3. Click yes to confirm you want to remove it.

4. Click Save. 



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