How do I collect names and email addresses for guests of guests (+1s)?

For RSVP-only events, you can allow your guests to bring +1s, +2s, or even the whole squad.

Once you determine how many additional guests your invitees can bring, you'll have the option to also collect their names and email addresses - so that you can later reach out to them too.

1. In the Form tab, select Allow Guests to Bring Plus Ones. Use the Simple +1 option to allow one additional guest per RSVP or the Multiple Guests option to allow each RSVP to bring up to 9 extra guests. 

2. Then you'll see the option to Collect Guest Names - be sure to select this option and then choose to require them if you want to make sure you know who's coming!

3. Next, you'll have the option to Collect Guest Email Addresses for these +1s, so check that box and choose to require email addresses if you'd like. Please note this feature is only available with an Enterprise license with Splash for Business, and it's also compatible with your Salesforce integration. 

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