How do I mark a guest as a VIP?

There are several convenient ways to mark guests as VIPs in Splash. They'll shine like stars in your guest list, mobile check-in and contacts manager.

First, from the Guests Tab:

1. By clicking the checkbox next to a guest's name and using the Make VIP action, you're able to mark a select guest or group of guests as VIP.



2. You can also make a guest a VIP directly from his or her contact card.



And you can remove the VIP status at any time!


As a heads up, this VIP star doesn't automatically add a VIP tag or place guests on a separate list. We're working on this! For now, you can filter by VIP status to add your own tags and lists.

Using the Contacts Manager

1. Go to the Contacts tab of your dashboard.

2. You’ll see a gray star to the left of each contact's name; just click on the gray star to turn it gold, marking the guest as a VIP. 

3. Click the star one more time if you want to revoke the guest’s VIP status.




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