How do I export my guest list?

Splash allows the ability to export valuable guest list data at any point of the event lifecycle. You can choose to export your guest list for a one-off send or use the scheduled guest list export to send recurring guest list updates to your team and company stakeholders.

Note: The scheduled guest list export feature is only available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.

To export the guest list of of your event, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Guests tab within the top-level navigation of your event.
2. Click on the Export button in the top right corner.
3. Select the export type you'd like to receive.

Depending on your account access, there are two types of exports that can be selected. 

Standard Export

The standard export option will allow you to receive an immediate .CSV export of your current guest list.

To send the standard export, follow these steps: 

1. Select the option to export only visible columns or all of the columns from your event.
2. Select which columns you'd like to export within the Column Preview section.
3. Add any email addresses that should receive the guest list export.
4. Click Export. 

Scheduled Export (only available with Splash for Business)

The scheduled export option will allow you to consistently send updated exports of your event guest list to your selected recipients.

To send the scheduled export:

1. Turn the toggle on to activate the scheduling of the export.


2. Use the Repeat dropdown to schedule the frequency of the export. You can choose to send these reports weekly or daily to your recipient list.


3. Under the Manage Columns section, select any guest list columns that should be included in the scheduled export.


4. Select any guest statuses you'd like included in the export within the Manage Filters section.


5. Add any email addresses that should receive the guest list export.

6. Click Save.

You can also curate your guest list prior to export by using a variety of available features such as status, lists, filters, and columns. We'll walk through each of these options below! 

Export by Status

Select any guest statuses you'd like included in your export under the Status section. Multiple statuses may be selected at once!


Export by List

Select any number of Lists that you would like included in your export under the My Lists section. Check out how to create lists and add your guests to them here


Export with Filters

Click on the Filters button in the top right corner to filter your guests by Company, Title, Tags, and more to help refine your guest list prior to export.


Export with Columns 

Use the Columns button to add any additional guest information you'd like to include in your export.


Pro Tip: Combine all of these features before you export to create your perfect guest list!


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