How do I send an email to guests by tag?

Tags can come in handy to organize your Guest List, but Tags may also be used to send a targeted email to a particular subset of your event’s attendees.

In order to send an email to a group of guests that you have sorted under a Tag, follow the below steps:

1. Click the Email button on the toolbar to the left of your Event Homepage.


2. Next, select the purple New Email button to the far right of the Email Sender.


3. Choose an email template. You will then be directed to the Email Editor. Here, you can customize your email to the specifications of your particular event. Feel free to edit the text in the body of the email, change around images, fonts, colors - it's your email, feel free to do whatever you like with it.



4. After you have tweaked your email to your liking, look up to the top right of the page and click the dark gray Recipients button.



5. Now you can add the recipients for your email, even by their Tags! Just click the purple Add Recipients button in the top right of the page. In the following pop-up, select the Tags option, and you’re almost there.





6. Select whichever tags you would like to apply to your recipient list. Once you have done that, click the blue Save and Exit button in the bottom right.



And you're almost there! You've successfully imported recipients for your email by tag. From here, feel free to add more recipients - maybe from another tag, from your Contacts, or one-by-one. 



Now, you can review your email before sending. You can adjust when you would like it to be sent, what forms you might like to attach, etc.



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