How do I update custom email templates to automatically pull my event settings?

How to Create Custom Email Templates that Link to Your Event Settings from Splash on Vimeo.

When creating custom email templates to use over and over again, we recommend linking elements of your email to automatically pull in event settings, like venue. Check out our best practices for designing custom email templates below:

1. Head to the theme page where these email templates were originally created. Editing from the theme page will automatically update the custom email templates on all pages created from that theme. 

2. Head to the email tab and click on the My Templates section. 

3. Click on the custom email template you'd like to edit.

4. In the email template design, click into the element that you'd like to link to the page's settings. These email elements can be linked to the event's Settings tab:

  • Event Image
  • Venue
  • Details
  • Event Hashtag

5. Open the Details menu in the right panel. 

6. Select the "Link" checkbox option that appears.

7. Save the template, and you'll be good to go! 

Now, when you create a new email from these email templates the linked elements will automatically pull the new page's information from the Settings tab. 

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