How do I edit the tablet and mobile versions of my page?

Splash pages are built to be optimized for different screen sizes — meaning your event should look good on phones, tablets, and even the various widths of your desktop browser.

That said, you may want to adjust the way your page translates to, say, an iPhone or iPad: that could be mean altering font sizes, the spacing between blocks, the layout of certain elements, etc.

Splash's responsive tools allow you to view what your site looks like on phone and tablet, and then fine-tune its styles without affecting what you designed on desktop.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to your event page’s Layout tab in the editing toolbar.
  2. Select the dropdown menu Desktop, which is the default editing view, and choose whether you’d like to edit your page for Phone or Tablet.
  3. Make edits to your page as your normally would and save.

The below video will walk you through the basics, as well as touch on some of Splash's more advanced responsive design capabilities covered in a Designer Pro training session.


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