How do I add or reduce spacing between blocks and elements?

Getting the layout of your event page right is a huge part of making a good impression on your guests. Sometimes, a little breathing room can do the trick!

The spacing between your blocks and elements is broken down into two parts: 

  • Margin: Creates space between Elements/Blocks.
  • Padding: Creates space inside of an Element or Block.

The key to a great looking page is in finding the right balance between the two. If you hover over an element or block (both on the page itself and in the Layout tab) you will see green areas representing the padding and yellow areas to indicate the margin. 

Note: You need to be in Designer Pro mode to do alter margin and padding.


If you click on the element or block this will take you to the styling options. Open the Margin, Padding accordion menu, and you'll be able to edit them to your heart's content. You can independently alter them on the top, bottom, left and right of the element or block. 


You can either directly enter the values into the input fields to control each side individually, or you can use the '+' and '-' to add equal amounts to all sides. 


Note: You can also change the desired unit of spacing (REM, PX, EM, %, VW, VH, and auto). We recommend using REMs or percentages as it scales better for mobile and tablet views.


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