How do I upload and edit images in Splash?

Splash's image uploader allows you to add imagery from several different sources to your event page and emails.

Whenever you open the image uploader, a corresponding set of positioning and customization tools will open in the Layout menu, allowing you to edit your image and view your changes in real time.

Changing an image element

Click on an image to select it, and then click again to launch the image uploader - or, select it in from the Layout menu. 


Once you've selected to upload a new image, you have three options:

  1. Upload: Add images from your computer
  2. Stock: Search through a virtually endless array of high-quality stock images 
  3. Giphy: Explore our Giphy integration for hilarious animated photos


Image editing features are conveniently located in the layout menu, opening automatically when you add or select an image.


Pro tip: Use the Alt Text field to create a custom image description, which helps optimize it for search engine discovery.


Changing a background image

Background images are classified a bit differently than general image elements, but editing and uploading them follows a very similar process.

To change a background image, first click on the background image that you would like to change. Then, click on the Change button that appears to the right of the page in your Layout editor.



Within the Layout menu, you also have the ability to further edit your background image. Within the block or element’s Background tools, you can change, Remove, or Crop the image, as well as fine tune its Size, Position, and more.


For a more advanced lesson on the differences between the 3 main types of imagery in Splash (Image Element, Square Element, and Background Image), take a look at the link below:

The 3 Types of Imagery In Splash

Please note: 

  • File upload limit via RSVP form is 100 MB
  • File upload limit limit via the CMS is 10 MB, but we recommend against it because of load time implications
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