What do my email analytics mean (e.g. delivered, opened, clicked)?

When you send emails through Splash, you have access to advanced engagement analytics after your email has been sent. We recommend using these analytics to identify trends across multiple events. Positive trends can indicate a more targeted list, more engaged community, resonating design, better work by key players, and more. Analyze and shared these best practices throughout your entire team as best practices for your organization!
Each recipient will have one status that may change as they interact with your email. Check them out below.
  • Sent - The email sending request has been submitted and is processing.
If you see a recipient marked as "sent" well after your email has gone out, it's possible that it was blocked by the recipient's email server. 
  • Delivered - The email was delivered to the recipient.
The email has been sent and accepted by the recipient's email server. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the message reached the recipient’s inbox. Some email applications may have stringent security or spam filters, so check out our best practices for avoiding the spam folder.
  • Opened - The email is opened by a recipient.
  • Clicked - One of the images or buttons in your email has been clicked.
Even better.
  • Bounced - We attempted to deliver the email, but the recipient's email server rejected it.
A bounce can occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the address doesn't exist or the address is spelled incorrectly, but you'll see a detailed explanation in your email analytics.
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