How do I customize a guest list filter?

With Splash, you’re able to completely customize filters in your guest list. This is great for targeting groups based on personal information, events they've previously attended, or responses to email campaigns. If you have multiple options in one filter, like answers to an RSVP form question, you can choose specific options to make your filter more specific.

Imagine that you have 1,000 guests who work for 400 different companies. If you only want to view Splash employees, you can click directly on the Company filter and select the answer "Splash" to show only guests who work at Splash.

  1. Click on the Filters button to open up the filters window. You’ll be able to filter your guests, by email campaign, guest info, and RSVP form questions.
  2. Select any filter to open the customization options.
  3. Choose one or more guest responses or interactions that you'd like to include in your filter. 
  4. Save to go back to the main filters window.
  5. Click apply filters to view all guests that meet the filter criteria.

Email Campaign

If you want to customize an email campaign filter, you can edit the filter to sort guests based on how they interacted with your email (e.g. opened, clicked). This is useful for targeting specific groups, like those who never opened a certain email.

Guest Info

Filter with guests with contact information, like lists and tags - or even customize guests that responded via a specific tracking link.

Event Status

Filter guests by what events of yours they have previously attended/not attended.




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