How do I add my own questions to the RSVP form or ticket check-out?

Okay, first things first: are you working with RSVPs or are you working with tickets? And then the second question you should think about: is the question that you want to add already in our selection of pre-made questions, or is it a custom question? 

Let's have a look at how to handle each of these cases. 

RSVP Forms

First, open the event that you want to change the RSVP questions for. Then, find the Registration Form tile. 


Welcome to the Form Editor - your one-stop-shop for all your RSVP form needs! In the Questions tab on the right, click on the blue Add Question button. In this pop-up, you can choose from our list of the most commonly used form questions. Select it, and click Add to Form.


Got a question we haven't accounted for? Not a problem! At the top, find the Create New tab. Click on the type of information you would like to collect with this question, and then Add to Form. 


Once you've done either of these, you can see the menu on the right change, and the options to set up your question: it's label, it's type, and more. Once you have your question set up how you would like, click on Save at the top.


Ticket Forms

Ticket forms will work a little bit differently. In your ticketed event, start by going to your Tickets tab. Each ticket will have its own form, so find the one with the form you would like to alter. Scroll down and click on the Order Form Questions section to expand it.


Select Add Question. In this pop-up you can pick from a number of pre-made questions grouped into personal, professional, social categories. Selecting a question will add it to the form. By clicking on the question you will open its editor where you can do things like alter its answer options, whether it will be required, or its label. 


Much like with the RSVP form, custom questions can be added. In the new question pop-up, pick the option at the bottom, "Add Question." Give it a label, set the response type you would like, and configure any other remaining options. Then, click Done.


Once you have the Order Form questions you would like, click Save at the top. 


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