How do I export the HTML for an email I designed in Splash?

1. Click on the Email tab in your right-side toolbar. You can export the HTML of an email draft or custom template.

2. From the dashboard, click into the draft or template you’d like to export.

3. On the right below the Layout panel, use the Export HTML button to download your email as a .txt file. 

Wait, what a .txt file? Where's the HTML? Technically HTML is text, so you're downloading the raw format here. Beware, applications are getting smarter and sometimes automatically render the raw HTML as the intended design. To avoid this, open the file with a raw text editor (try Atom or Sublime Text). 

Heads up! If you'll be importing a Splash-designed email into another email sending tool, make sure to swap out dynamic tags with static information and confirm hyperlinks are carrying over properly, like for images and unsubscribe options.


If you're sending emails outside of Splash for commercial purposes, be sure to review the FTC's rules on CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.

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