How do I share or copy custom email templates?

Custom email templates can be created for a theme or specific event. Email templates can also be transferred between event pages that you own or collaborate on.

Email templates created on a theme will automatically carry down to event pages created using that theme. If you add an email template to a theme, it will become available for all events created using that theme. This is retroactive, so you'll see the email template available as an option on any events that have already been created from the theme.

If you duplicate an event page, the new event will display both the theme-level and event-level email templates. 

If you change the page's theme, the new theme's email templates will replace the previous set.

If you create your own theme, the event-level templates will now become your new theme's templates. If you'd like to bring over the previous theme's templates, you'll need to manually transfer them.

How to transfer email templates:

1. Go to the Email tab on your event's toolbar.

2. Head to the My Templates section.

3. In the Event Templates category, hover over the template you'd like to transfer to a new page.

4. Click the Transfer Template arrow icon.

5. Choose the event(s) you'd like to make the email accessible on, then send it over. The template will now exist on both the original and the new page.

Note: You must have editing access to the page or theme that you're transferring events to or from.

If you’re in a pinch, submit a request including the URL of the page that contains the template, the name of the template, and the URL of the page you'd like to copy the template to.



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