How do I view my checked-in guests?

Congrats! Your event is finished but the work has just begun. Identifying who actually showed up is essential to monitoring engagement and your efforts to bring guests in the door. Flawlessly keep track of all your guests on site which the Splash Host app - great for check-in and registering new guests.

To view all guests that checked in (and those that did not), follow the below steps.

1. Head to the Guests tab on your page's editing toolbar.

2. Under the Status column on the left, select the Checked In status to see all guests who were checked in through the Splash Host app

3. Using the Columns button above your guest list, you can add the Checked In option to see the check-in time for each guest.

Don't forget! Clicking the Export button will export all of this information into a spreadsheet. You can even email all of your checked-in guests a Thank You note through our Email Sender after the event. 

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