How do I create a ticketed event?

There are two ways to create a ticketed event in Splash.

If you’ve already created an RSVP event
You may decide later that you would prefer to sell tickets instead - and that’s alright by us.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. From the Event dashboard, head to the Edit Settings tab to the right of the page.


2. You should be automatically directed to the Event Information tab. From there, scroll down to the Registration Type dropdown menu.


3. Now, select Sell Tickets and click the Save button in the top right of your screen. 


Note: After saving, reload your event. Head to the Tickets tab to create your ticket(s) and decide how you'd like to be paid.

If you haven’t created an event yet
If you're starting from scratch, you'll simply need to select the Ticketed option when creating your new event.

1. Go to your Events Dashboard and click New Event.


2. Select Ticketed Event and fill out the event information that follows.


Note: After filling out your event basics and choosing a theme, you'll land on the newly created Splash page. Click the Tickets tab from the event page toolbar to create tickets and enter payout information.


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