[Your Block] saved to Video category should have at least one video element.



To save a Video block, you need to be sure that the proper element is incorporated into the block. To do this, simply go to the Video Block you’re trying to save and click the + button. This will bring up the Add Elements page. From here, click on the Elements category and add the Video element to your block. From here, the Video page will open and you'll be able to embed your video. You can also set up controls to loop the video, auto-play, and even hide the controls.

Note: The Video come with 1 EM of padding all around. You can remove that if you want by dropping the Margin & Padding down in the elements accordion. This is a best practice, but it is not required to save out the block.

Note: you can also utilize our block library by adding a Video block. Of course, you can customize this Video block to fit your page's aesthetic. 


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