[Your Block] saved to Sponsor category should have at least one repeatable element.

What is a Repeatable?

A repeatable element acts as a cohesive body; this allows a user to efficiently edit information across the entire repeatable element in one swoop. 

Two Solutions:

Solution 1:

To be sure that the proper element is incorporated into the block, simply go into the Sponsor Block you’re trying to save and click the + button. This will open up the Add Elements page. From here, click the Elements Category and add the repeatable element to your block.

*If you’ve created a sponsor layout that wasn’t built with the repeatable element, make sure to incorporate these new styles with the updated element.

Solution 2:

Simply add an existing Sponsor Block from our block library. To do this, in your layout panel click the + button. Once the block library opens, click the Sponsor category and select an option.

*You can always modify the layout to match your page aesthetic; just utilize the workspace option with our repeatable element.

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