[Your Block] saved to Sponsor category should have at least one repeatable element.

What is a Repeatable?

A repeatable element, as its name suggests, is one which is copied over and over again. They're used to save time representing recurrent items, such as your event's schedule, or in this case the sponsors. Editing the repeatable will edit every instance of it in one swoop. 


Solution 1:

To be sure that the proper element is incorporated into the block, simply go into the Sponsor Block you’re trying to save and click the + button. This will open up the Add Elements page. From here, click the Elements Category and add the repeatable element to your block.

Note: If you’ve created a Sponsor layout that wasn’t built with the repeatable element, make sure to incorporate these new styles with the updated element.


Solution 2:

Simply add an existing Sponsor Block from our block library. To do this, in your layout panel click the + button. Once the block library opens, click the Sponsor category and select an option.

Note: You can always modify the layout to match your page aesthetic; just utilize the workspace option with our repeatable element.


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