Why is my calendar attachment showing the wrong time?

Time Zone Adjustments

When guests view a calendar file or attachment for your event on their own calendars, it will automatically adjust to the correct time in their personal time zone settings.

For example, if you're invited to a conference in NYC but live in LA, the 10:00 AM EST start time will appear as 7:00 AM PST on your personal calendar. Most calendars also offer the ability to update time zones while traveling.

This ensures the accuracy for the time of your event, so that when the guest travels your way they make it right on time. 

Automatic End Times

If you do not include an end time for your event, most calendar applications will set an end time automatically for you. Typically, this is 3 hours after the event begins. Calendars set this by default so guests can add the event to their calendars - and not have it continue forever. 

We recommend setting an end time if possible - or removing the calendar attachment from your email communications, on-page confirmation, and confirmation email if you'd like to have it not display. 

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