How do I change the location on my map block?

Need to show a meeting point before or after the event? Want to include locations for pit stops throughout the night? Just noticing that the location displayed within the map on your landing page is incorrect? This is the article for you!

What if I want to display multiple maps on my page?

Adding multiple map blocks can help your guests know where to go when, but you'll want to unlink those additional locations from the Settings tab. Note: if your map doesn't reflect the location in your Settings tab, read below.

1. Hover over the block with the Map.

2. Click the Mapbox option that appears.

3. Click into the current location listed under Map Address.

4. Start typing in your new address, select one of the results, and click Save.

The new location will be shown on the map but will not update the dynamic location settings for your event.



What if the map isn't showing the Venue in your Settings tab?

The Map block on your page can become unlinked from the details in your Settings tab if you manually type in your Venue block instead of using the New Search, Google-provided venue options shown below.



Our maps block is connected directly to information stored in Google Maps, so as a best practice, we recommend typing the exact address into the maps field (as opposed to the location's title, e.g. "Splash HQ NYC") and then selecting an option that populates in that field.





If you've used the Update Address option and find the Map Block is still unlinked from your Settings, we recommend adding a new Mapbox element in its place. Reach out to our team and we can check to be sure your custom themes are updated, too!


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