How do I replace my event card with an image?

Your page's event card is primed and ready to go with dynamic elements pulled straight from your Splash page. View and edit it right within the Settings tab of your toolbar. With Designer Pro and Splash for Business, you can rearrange, add, and further style the elements of your event card.

Have your own card image you'd like to use instead?

Check out how to replace this below:

  1. Click the Settings tab on the event page toolbar.
  2. Click the Edit Event Card button.
  3. Hide any elements you may not want to overlay on the background image.
  4. Click into the Event Card to replace the background image.
  5. Save the design of the page.
  6. Close the Event Card window.

Pro tip: If you're designing a static image for your event card, we recommend creating the dimensions to be 750 pixels wide by 1050 pixels tall so that it looks great on all screens.



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