What elements can I add to blocks?

Adding elements to blocks is available with our advanced editing mode, Designer Pro

With Designer Pro, you have total control over the elements within blocks. Elements can be added, rearranged, and built with elements in our library.


We've divided all elements into categories so you can find the one you need more easily: Standard Elements, Containers, Hubs, Yours, and Linked.



Elements: These are standard elements you'd find on any type of Splash page. 



Containers: Container elements are what you'll use to organize the general layout of your blocks and where the other elements will go within them. 


Hubs: Hubs are event calendars used to encourage exploring your organization's events. The elements for building these kinds of pages and blocks can be found in this bin.


Custom: Saved custom elements will live here. Create a group of elements and save for easy addition on future pages. 


Linked: While linked elements don't have their own category, Similar to their cousins Linked Blocks, Linked Elements are elements whose configurations have been tied together. Changing one instance of this element will change all of them - great for keeping uniformity across your events!

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