How do I auto-populate the RSVP form for my guests?

Worried that asking your attendees to fill out their information over and over again for your events is too time-consuming? Or worse, preventing guests from registering? Leave those worries behind.

With our RSVP form auto-populate feature, guests you email through Splash will now see their first name, last name, email address, and previous responses filled out as soon as they click the RSVP button. 

What does this mean for my guests? In some cases, RSVPing will not become a 2-click process - no typing required.

If you're holding a recurring event with the same custom order form questions, Splash will pre-fill your RSVP form with the guest's previous responses. 

You can also upload additional contact information like company and job title while uploading your recipient list to an email invitation. Then, include company and job title as questions on your RSVP form so that these fields will be auto-populated - but also gives the guest a chance to update this information. 

Not seeing auto-population? Don't forget these guests must be emailed through the Splash email sender for the auto-fill to function properly. Auto-population is not available with ticketed events.

Need to turn auto-population off? Please reach out to Splash Support with your event page's URL, and we can manually turn this off per event.

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