How can I change the number of speakers or sponsors in a row? (Designer Pro)

If you want to change the number of repeatables in a row - speakers, sponsors, lists, schedules, etc. - the first step is understanding how repeatable elements operate. 

Check out: What is a repeatable?

Each repeatable's width is set to a percentage width of the page. Changing the width of a repeatable element is possible in Designer Pro.


So if you have four speakers within a block, each element is about 25% of the width of the page. Still don't get it? Watch what happens when we change the width of our master repeatable:

1. Open the block with the repeatable element, then find the container in the Layout Menu and click on it.

2. Click on Open Master Card button.

3. Open the Width, Height dropdown to edit the width of the each repeatable. Choose from pre-set options or type in a custom width.

Pro tip: Percentage or REM units work best across multiple screens and platforms. 


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