How do I mass generate discount codes?

With Splash, you can create unique one-time discount codes for your event. Check out the steps below:

1. When creating a discount code, choose the Multiple Code option in the dashboard.

2. Enter the number of unique discount codes you want to generate.

3. Set the discount type to a percentage or dollar amount.

4. Using the checkbox, you can apply the discount to All Ticket Types. By unchecking the box, you’ll be able to apply the code to specific ticket types.

5. In the Number Available box, choose how many times each discount code can be used overall. If you're looking to limit one use per discount code, type in the number 1.

6. Click save and watch the discount codes appear!

7. From the dashboard, you can also export a .CSV file of all of your discount codes to send out to each of your guests.

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