How do I achieve a better ROI from my events? Integrating Splash & Salesforce

Companies pour millions into creating unique event experiences to bring them face-to-face with potential customers, job candidates, donors, or other key audiences. The crazy part? Very few track whether their events are actually impacting their bottom line.
With Splash's integration with Salesforce, you can monitor all of your leads' activity from the first RSVP to the contract signature. 
  • Calculate ROI for Every Event
Each event your create in Splash automatically creates a new campaign in Salesforce and directly attributes every sale, recruit, donation or lead to the associated event. Monitor your lead conversion rate and renewals to scale the events that prove to be smashing successes.
  • Never Drop a Lead
Every single event invitee is a potential lead that should be meticulously tracked through the sales cycle. 
Did they RSVP? Did they show up? How many previous events have they attended? Splash automatically syncs information in Salesforce regarding invites sent, RSVPs collected and attendees that have checked in. The complete automation allows to focus on what really matters: building and maintaining relationships with your contacts.
Splash's integration with Salesforce is available with the Enterprise license. Reach out to our Sales team to request a demo today!
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