Why can't I duplicate my event page?

Back in March 2015, we revolutionized our design capabilities with the release of Splash 3.0. We introduced the world of blocks, effortless font and color linking, new repeating elements like Sponsor and Speakers, cutting-edge themes, and more advances in the technology that makes it easier for you to build an event page in minutes

The bottom line: a smoother design experience with fewer frustrating "glitches."

To make this happen, we cannot allow duplication of events originally created before April 1, 2015. Some things aren't meant to be cloned.

If you're worried about getting started, check out our Splash 101 Guide full of how to videos. There are some pro features on there too, so you'll see everything we have to offer!

Always feel free to submit a request if you need any help, guidance, or just want to see a wacky GIF.

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