How do I post social photos to my Splash page?

Flash those pearly whites, your event is camera ready! We recommend guests and photographers post photos to social media using your event hashtag, and then you can pull them straight into your Social Gallery.

Social Gallery

1. Add a new block to your event page.

2. Choose the Social category.


3. Choose a social block that displays event photos. Check out an example below:



4. Once you've added the block you'll be prompted to search events on Twitter by hashtag or upload photos from your event. Just remember you need to approve any photos from Twitter before adding them.


5. Save and publish after upload.

To upload more photos and access the Live Feed, click onto the social gallery on page. From the Layout tab, you'll be able to add more images.

The Live Feed will pull up the URL that displays a slideshow of all your photos in the social gallery. Check out this example from our May Block Party.



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