How do I post social photos to my Splash page?

Flash those pearly whites, your event is camera ready! We recommend guests and photographers post photos to social media using your event hashtag, and then you can pull them straight into your Social Gallery.

Social Gallery

1. Add a new block to your Event Page. You can do this by selecting the Event Page tile in your dashboard. 


2. Next, head to the right of your Event Page. Scroll down to the section that is dedicated to new blocks, and click the blue plus sign. In the following pop-up, select Social. 


3. Scroll down and select a Social Gallery Block. Click Add to Page.


4. You now have a Social Gallery Block! Head over to the right of the page again and select your new block to start uploading social photos to your Event Page, as in the example below.


5. You will now be prompted to search events on Twitter by hashtag, or to directly upload photos from your event. When you upload any information from Twitter, remember that the user's Twitter contact info will also be included.


5. Save and publish after upload.

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