How do I email guests who have not RSVP'd yet?

People are lazy or busy--or both. Since you’ve sent the original invite, they've been crowdsourcing interest and essentially waiting until the last minute to RSVP (which can be a planning headache). Hit up your audience with a reminder email that will ensure you get those confirmed RSVPs.

You can easily email your automated Awaiting Reply list as a Quick List in Splash.

1. Create a new email or copy one you've already sent.

2. After designing, click the Next button to add recipients to your emails.

3. Check out the Quick Lists dropdown menu.

4. Choose Awaiting Reply and this will pull an automated list of everyone who's been emailed and invited through Splash, but has yet to respond Yes or No through the event page. 

Remember: The best time to send your reminder email is usually three days before your event. Check out our 8 Reminder Emails that Actually Work from our party-planner expert and CEO Ben Hindman. 

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