Can I edit my Splash page while on a tablet or mobile device?

Note: if what you want is edit how your Splash page looks when accessing it from different devices, please go to this other article!


Splash is powerful tool. It's like a cordless, motion-sensing, versatile power drill that runs on motivation and eats wood chips for breakfast.

Unfortunately, the same product can't be recreated using a Fisher Price hammer and nails. Mobile technology for our editing tools just isn't there yet. 

At this point in time, we don't recommend designing or editing your Splash page on a tablet or mobile device. If there are features you'd love to see on mobile, let us know here!

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  • Hello Splash team I am a local business in the Columbus Ohio marketplace with offices in all 88 counties in Ohio who would be the best person on your team to offer consideration to develop your platform on mobile devices?

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