The Google map is linking to the wrong place in my email. How do I update it?

Sometimes this can happen if your event was duplicated or if you edited the address manually. Here's how you can get your guests out of the boonies and back to the venue:

1. Click the Edit Settings button to the left of your Event Dashboard. On the following page, under Event Information, scroll down to the Location field. 


2. Under your Location information, click the Update Address link. The location information that was previously displayed will clear automatically, and a search bar will appear. From here, you can update your event's address. Remember to click Save when you're finished.

Pro Tip: Be sure to always select the full address that is generated from Google maps and not the address you manually enter.


3. Head back to your email draft and click the Add button to the right of the screen. From there, you can re-add the Venue element. This will pull the new location information you previously entered in your Settings tab. 


Drop us a line here if you run into any issues.

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