What does it mean to manage contacts?

Each guest that is invited, RSVPs, or checks in to any event will be stored as a contact within your Contacts Manager. Add, merge, tag, and export your contacts, view their profile history, or create and manage lists for each of your events.

With Splash for Business, you have access to advanced functionality like auto-generated lists, i.e. most engaged, most socially influential, most likely to win the lottery - the usual (OK, maybe not that last one).

Don't worry though, there is no limit on the number of RSVPs you can collect or ticket you can sell. All of your guests' information will still be collected into the specific RSVP tab of the Splash page for that event. You'll just need to manually export attendees via a .CSV and manage them the old-fashioned (slower) way. Time is money, baby. 

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