How do I create a multi-day event?

Our platform is designed to hold one event per Splash page, so we recommend creating separate sites to establish clarity and separation between locations.

To tie all your events in one place, we offer Event Hubs where you can create a landing page that dynamically pulls your Splash events. Shoot us a note if you're interested in getting access!

The date and time of your event in the page's Settings tab is automatically pulled within email invitations, calendar attachments, and confirmation emails. We wouldn't want any of your guests to be confused of the time of your event day of!

However, we have a few workarounds if you must hold a multi-day event on one page.

Step 1 - Setting Your Event's Date

Option A - Set the event's date and time in the Settings tab to be the complete span of the event. For example, set it to start on Friday at 10 AM and ends Sunday at 9 PM.

Option B - Set the event's date and time in the Settings tab to TBD.

The calendar attachments in email invitations, confirmation messaging, and the footer of your site will be pulled directly from the Settings tab of your page. If you're holding a weekly event over a few months, we recommend setting the date to TBD.

Step 2 - Sell Tickets or Collect RSVPs

Option A - Recommended

Create specific ticket types for specific days, and you could name each ticket based on a specific day. The calendar attachment in your confirmation emails will include the time for the earliest ticket purchased.

For example: create a ticket for Day 1, one for Day 2, and perhaps one for Both Days. If you were planning on collecting RSVPs, you can create $0 "RSVP" tickets. For this option, your page will need to be set to "Sell Tickets" under the Settings in your toolbar.

You'll be able to sort and filter your attendees by the options they've chosen. 

Option B - If you're holding a small scale RSVP event

Create custom questions for attendees in the Form tab of your event page toolbar. You can include a multiple choice question prompting users to select which days they are attending, or design it however you'd like! Check out this FAQ on adding custom RSVP questions.

Keep in mind that if you are to go with Option B, QR codes cannot be customized based on custom questions on an RSVP Form. This means that for an RSVP event, the QR codes will reflect the entire time and/or dates of the event. But remember, a QR code can only be scanned once!


See you there.


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