How do I include tracking links in my emails?

If you've set up a tracking link to allow guests to purchase a specific ticket type or to log a seller's progress, you need to tell people about it first.

Check out our steps for ensuring your email is customized for a specific tracking link only

1. Find all existing hyperlinks. 

The quickest way to find these? Send yourself a test email. In most cases, your mouse changes shape when hovering over a hyperlink. Take note of which elements link out to the Splash page.

If you're using a Splash-designed template, the hyperlinked elements are images, buttons, and any direct links. 

2. Edit the Link Settings for linked elements.

Click into each element on the right-side Layout panel. Then click on the Link Settings menu to edit the hyperlink for the element. 

To edit any text hyperlinks, simply click into the text. Then press Command+K or choose the hyperlink button in the top toolbar to open the link editor.



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